Hi, guys, been through the hassle of getting my windows (Vista 32) and (win7 64) to get to know my LG GW620 Eve / Etna like everyone else. However, I finally came up with a solution that worked on both . LG-Eve/Etna/Intouch Max info

Here is the tutorial on how your LG GW620 Eve / Etna works both on windows (Vista 32) and (win7 64):  LG Android Phones

  1. turn Debug mode on before proceeding
  2. plug the USB in.
  3. install the device regularly, (with out using any modem drivers). it should install as a "USB Composite Device" and two other uninstalled devices (yes it should fail to install the other two).
  4. go to Control Panel-> System -> Device Manager. you’ll see two USB MODEM devices (under Modems!) as unknown devices with a (!) mark.
  5. select the second one (the bottom one) and then right click and select "update driver software…". then choose "Browse my computer for driver software" then "Let me pick from a list of device….." then "Have a disk" then.. oh it stops here haha..
  6. now browse the driver selection screen to the .inf file located in the "\android-sdk-windows\usb_driver" folder. (i.e. "android_winusb.inf")
  7. select it and it’ll display three drivers (Andriod ADB, Andriod Interface ADB, and a third one I can’t remember now).
  8. Select the first one (Andriod ADB) and it then select "install this driver anyway"
  9. proceed with running the "adb shell" located in the sdk folder. you can also use "adb devices" to see if the device is recognized.

Just as a side note, the adb file has to run "As an Administrator" in order to "pull" or "push" anything to the device. LG Phone Problem and Solution

I hope this solves the mystery for others. Thank you everyone for the efforts! what a wonderful community we have!! cheers!

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Yomero on 27 May, 2011 at 11:08 pm #

It worked for me thanx man!

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