LG GW620 / Eve / Enta / Intouch Max Update?

It looks like that LG is preparing to release an android OS upgrade for the LG GW620 / Eve / Enta / Intouch Max, but unfortunately, it is not 2.0 but 1.6. The LG GW620 / Eve / Enta / Intouch Max currently runs Android 1.5, but due for an update to Android 2.0/2.1 or whatever. LG Android Phones

There are some rumors saying that Rogers’ LG Eve GW620 might get Android 2.1. Nothing official though, so don’t get your hopes up.  LG-Eve/Etna/Intouch Max info

I just spoke with LG today and the tech I spoke with said the 1.6 update was supposed to be out at the beginning of April but didn’t happen, so hopefully by the end of this month or early May.

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