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I have a LG GT505, and I quite like it. However I’m having a slightly WiFi issue with my new LG GT505. My LG GT505 connects just fine to my router and I get the "little green house" indicating I’m up and running. Upon launching Orange world or indeed Opera Mini I find I’m still connected via WiFi and get a nice quick internet experience. So all is great. No, it isn’t! I noticed earlier that when I call someone the status lights on my Cable Modem and wireless router are both going crazy… Hmmm, laptop is turned off, nothing else is using the internet. Or is it? LG Phone Problem and Solution

Spoke to a couple of people in Orange and was put through (blind transferred, mind. shoddy service) to Data Support. Person in this department, who was very helpful actually, confirmed that
a) the GPRS had been disabled at my request and
b) there is a known fault with these phones in that they are not connecting to wifi
c) there is a missing option in the connection preferences/options and that ‘WiFi’ should have been included also.

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How to fix it?

You may flash your LG GT505 by yourself, if you do that, you will loose UMA capabilities with that firmware. You have to choose : Wifi for browsing the web, or wifi for calling with your router. LG GT505 Flash!!

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steve on 5 August, 2010 at 6:06 am #

Does anyone have this problem? We live in an area where the local Orange signal is weak (just seems to be our road). We were promised by Orange that all would be ok as we have a wireless network at home and in the office, therefore the phones would connect via UMA (wifi)when we were in the house and the office for a full signal. My Blackberry connects fine, however my wifes LGGT505 connects when it feels like it, giving a message of “emergency calls only” most of the time. We are now on our 4th handset which doesnt connect to UMA at all. I get a “red house” which apparently means it is getting a wifi signal but not a green house to connect to UMA. Have tried all the usual things….turn off the router, take the battery out of the phone to reset it….but still no joy. Has anyone got any solutions to this appart from the obvious of throwing the phone out the window or changing network?

bikram on 29 February, 2012 at 8:55 am #

i have no wifi in my phone, how to put wifi

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