LG GT505 Usb Connection Issue?

Did you have some issues when you tried to connect my LG GT505 to the PC to bung some music on it? or tried copying a music folder over, it tells you to insert a disc but you had already has a SD disc in it?? LG Phone Problem and Solution

I had this problem some days ago – took half a day messing about – it just doesn’t connect the LG GT505 does it when you choose PC suite or Music options – tried all 3 USB ports on the front on my PC and no luck what so ever – even rang Orange but they just pointed me to LG as usual… but i do have a solution which worked wonders for me and will do hopefully for you too..

Use a USB port on the back of your PC – worked straight away when i done that (i expect it is because its a main USB port on the mother board or something instead of a additional USB port) Hope this resolves your issue as it did for me.

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3 thoughts on “LG GT505 Usb Connection Issue?”

  1. Thank you SO much! I was literally pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my phone wouldn’t connect to my pc for over 30 seconds. Works a charm now 🙂

  2. Well, perhaps this piece of advice is much better than those fake driver “search” sites offer from google or LG PC suite/LG mobile update that offers with no drivers whatsoever.

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