LG GT Series Feature Phone Flash File / Firmware

Hello, guys. I has put together a list of some the flash files/firmware of the LG GT Series Feature Phone. Although these phones are somewhat out of fashion, but it just works for those who are really need. Good luck.

LG GT Series Feature Phone Flash File / Firmware Download:

LG GT Series feature Phone Includes:

LG Town:

  • GT350 ROM_GT350AT-00-V10s-EUY-XXX-AUG-28-2010-0
  • GT350F BIN_GT350FAT-00-V10a-302-370-JAN-12-2011-0
  • GT350GO ROM_GT350AT-01-V10a-234-10-MAY-17-2010-0
  • GT350i ROM_GT350iAT-00-V10c-ARE-XXX-SEP-22-2010-0

LG Etna:

  • GT360 ROM_GT360AT-00-V10a-BRA-XXX-MAY-14-2009-2

LG Neon:

  • GT365 GT365AT-00-V10h-310-410-JUN-15-2009-0
  • GT365GO BIN_GT365AT-00-V11l-310-410-JUL-09-2010-

LG Viewty Smile:

  • GT400 BIN_GT400AT-00-V10h-EUR-XX-SEP-23-2010-0
  • GT400GO BIN-GT400GOAT-00-V10g-VDF-GB-JUL-23-2010-0

LG Viewty GT:

  • GT405 BIN_GT405AT-00-V10c-EUR-XX-AUG-09-2010

LG Puccini:

  • GT500 BIN_GT500AT-00-V10f-226-XXX-DEC-15-2010-0
  • GT500GO BIN_GT500AT-00-V10k-TMO-DE-OCT-21-2010-0
  • GT500s GT500s-00-V10e-XXX-XX-Mar-03-2011-0_DL
  • GT505e BIN-GT505eAT-00-V10f-460-XX-JUN-09-2010-0
  • GT505 BIN_GT505AT-00-V10f-EUR-XXX-DEC-14-2010-

LG Optimus:

  • GT540 DZ_GT540AT-00-V20b-EUR-XX-MAR-18-2011-0
  • GT540R DZ_GT540RAT-00-V20a-RGS-CA-DEC-11-2010
  • GT540GO DZ_GT540GOAT-00-V20a-204-04-MAR-24-2011-0
  • GT540f DZ_GT540fAT-00-V20a-TEL-AU-DEC-09-2010

LG Encore:

  • GT550 ROM-GT550AT-00-V10m-310-410-NOV-03-2010-0

LG Arena:

  • GT950 BIN_GT950AT-00-V10g-310-410-NOV-24-2009-0


  • GT810H GT810HAT-DZ-00-V10c-OPEN-SHIP-BR-MAR-18-2009-4
  • GT910s GT910s-00-V10g-460-00-FEB-23-2011-0_DL

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