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The GSMulti is a good LG Flashing software which provides a quick and easy way to flash your LG phone. However it erases the original firmware and completely replaces it.  LG Cell Phone Software

The GSMulti works great on Windows XP and Vista, haven’t try whether works on Windows 7 or not. The software woks for most LG Phone, like the Cookie, Arena and more.

To Download the LG GSMulti v3.0 Flashing Software:

Following the the tutorial on how to flash the LG Phone with the GSMulti v3.0

  1. Install GSMulti, Install The Infinion USB driver, also install the TI_Neptune driver too.
  2. Copy the firmware folder to the GSMulti folder on c:, read also the pdf file from the GSMulti, read it start from 128..
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Take the battery out of your phone plug your usb cable into your phone but not the computer
  5. Run USBMap_V01, select Infinion at the top of program window, press mapping start, plug the usb cable into your computer, when usbmap finds your phone press save & exit.
  6. Unplug the usb cable from computer.
  7. Run GSMulti, go into configuration and select the Dll file and FLS files that are in the folder and select USB in port information and select ok
  8. Press Start and then connect the USB cable to the computer, flashing should now start. If flashing works, you should then use the LGUtils as normal to upgrade to a better firmware as this is an old firmware but its the only one to be found that works with GSMulti but at least it gets your phone working again.

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