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The LG GizmoPal probably isn’t as popular as the Android smartphones, but it’s a new wearable for children meant to provide parents with peace of mind. Sure there are other connected wearable out there, but this is LG’s first one. We’ve had the device for a little over a day now, and we are starting our content on the LG GizmoPal, leading up to the full review. So we thought we’d start out at the beginning, which is setting up the device.

How to initial setup the LG GizmoPal:

  1. Download GizmoPal app from the Play Store / Apple Store on your Android / Apple smartphone.
  2. Tap Next –> Install –> Accept.
  3. From ‘GizmoPal Home Screen,’ tap Get Started.
  4. Tap Next.
  5. Power on your LG GizmoPal by holding the Call button
  6. Press the Call button twice to call the activation IVR.
    • Device LED blinks blue while calling and plays a voice message during activation.
    • If device needs to restart for activation, a warning is given.
    • Device LED blinks green for 3 seconds and plays a voice message when activation is done.
  7. From the GizmoPal app on your Smartphone, tap Next.
  8. Enter your (Caregiver 1) phone number and select your relationship by tapping the Dropdown arrow then tap Next.
  9. Enter child name and tap Next.
  10. Enter your GizmoPal phone number and the last six characters on the back of your GizmoPal band then tap Next.
  11. To complete registration, the GizmoPal device asks you to tap the Call button on the GizmoPal band.
  12. Tap Done on the app. GizmoPal Security screen appears and asks you to set up a PIN.
  13. To set up a PIN, tap Next.
  14. Enter a numeric PIN (4 digits), re-enter the numeric PIN then tap OK .

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