LG GD900 – Transparent Phone

The LG GD900 really gave us a deep impression at the MWC 2009 in Barcelona. Nowadays LG plans to exhibit the LG GD900 at the CTIA 2009 in Las Vegas this week. 

Today more details about the LG GD900 has been unveiled a.k.a. Crystal. This device has the unique transparent keypad and the it probably also support multi-touch and haptic feedback. We also glad to know when the keypad slides open, light illuminates in a cool glow around the phone in a reflective and refractive way. LG Cell phone news

LG GD900 Phone photosLG Cell phone pictures

LG GD900


We have no details about when the LG GD900 gets available, we guess that the LG GD900 transparent phone will be released 2nd quarter in 2009.

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  1. may i ask why lg transparent mobile will auto shut down and cant just on in straightly? and need to take off its battery and reinsert it just can on it?

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