LG GD880 Mini USB Modem Driver Download

The USB Modem Driver for LG GD880 Mini is available here to you. Actually, LG has officially provided it as free software to download for LG GD880 Mini owners. Here we just share one download link.

LG GD880 Mini USB Modem Driver Download:

This process may take an extra few minutes, but it helps prevent problems and ensure the LG GD880 Mini driver is properly installed. After restarting, the driver will let you transfer files via USB. Simply plug in your LG GD880 Mini and you should be ready to go. LG Cell Phone Software

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  1. Got my lg mini gd880 in St. Marten in the Carribean. I like it very much but, I am wondering can i install yahoo messenger or even skype?????? please email back!!!

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