LG GC900 Viewty Smart Landscape Touch Games

We have found a lots good landscape touch games for the LG GC900 Viewty Smart and decided to share them here. They are all working fine on my LG GC900 Viewty Smart in landscape view and with great graphics. LG Cell Phone Games

How to put these landscape touch games onto your LG GC900 Viewty Smart Steps:

  1. connect via data cable with pc
  2. select in mobile mass storage
  3. go to my computer see the removal drive
  4. Extract the .zip file and paste the game (.jar) file in folder named "other"
  5. now exit
  6. In mobile go to my stuff then to other folder and install the game

Below is the LG GC900 Viewty Smart landscape touch games download link (all games tested and working fine): LG-Viewty Smart info

  1. Earth Worm Jim
  2. GTRacing MotorAcademy
  3. Miami Nights 2
  4. Nitro Street Racing2
  5. Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing
  6. Sonic Unleashed
  7. SpiderMan Toxic City
  8. The Sims 3
  9. Tower Bloxx New York
  10. Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2

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  1. Can download from rapidshare (error message – very annoying). Can you upload to some other site?

    Thanks alot

  2. cac pro oi em tai game ve sao ko chay duoc ko coi duoi .jia thi chay sao duoc lg gc 900 lam ji ho trô duoi khc jia dau

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