LG GB110 seem practical, quite affordable

The LG GB110 comes in small candy bar form factors, have built-in FM radios, and small color displays. And above all, they have affordable price tags. LG Cell phone news

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The LG GB110 – another entry-level mobile phone, only this one’s equipped with a microSD card slot that supports up to 2GB of memory. There’s a built-in VGA camera as well. Besides which, other features are practically the same with the LG GB106, come with a FM radio with built-in antenna (no headsets are required), 1.5-inch color display, 950 mAh Li-Ion battery (4 hours of talk and 400 hours of standby time), and only 1 MB of user memory.

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2 thoughts on “LG GB110 seem practical, quite affordable”

  1. yeah i bought this one!! really affordable, and it almost got everything (cheap phone that has a camera, can play mp3, and has a SD slot, it’s a real bargain). the look might deceive you, but it is perfect for those who want normal handphone that won’t turn into transformers.

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