LG GB Series feature Phone Flash File / Firmware

While it’s true that smartphones will grow in percentage and feature phones will become more sophisticated in time, these lower-end feature phones are not going away anytime soon.

Following is the Flash File / Firmware for the LG GB Series feature Phones, hope this will help you.

LG GB Series feature Phone Flash File / Firmware Download

LG GB Series feature Phone includes

  • GB100 GB100-00-V10f-404-XX-FEB-03-2009
  • GB101 GB101-00-V10e-460-XX-SEP-17-2009
  • GB102 GB102-00-V10b-230-XX-APR-24-2009
  • GB102GO GB102GOFL-04-V10b-262-07-MAR-25-2009
  • GB105 GB105-00-V10f-404-XX-FEB-03-2009
  • GB106 GB106-00-V10c-ESA-XX-FEB-04-2009
  • GB107 GB107-00-V10c-ARB-XX-NOV-25-2009
  • GB109 GB109-00-V10d-ARB-XX-NOV-09-2009
  • GB110 GB110-00-V10m-ARB-XX-NOV-17-2009
  • GB125 GB125-00-V10d-ARB-XX-DEC-15-2009
  • GB130 GB130-00-V10a-CIS-XX-MAY-28-2009
  • GB160 GB160-00-V10C-CIS-XX-JAN-26-2010
  • GB250 GB250AT-00-V10d-EUR-XX-JUL-07-2009-0
  • GB270 GB270-00-V10f-ESA-XX-SEP-07-2009
  • GB280 GB280AT-00-V10a-724-XXX-FEB-08-2010-5

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