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LG now add support for WiFi communication to it’s G Watch R Android Wear in a new software upgrade going out today. You can see the “Wi-Fi settings” option and a listing of Wi-Fi hotspots in action on the LG G Watch R in the image below. This new update brings Wi-Fi support that means the watch will be able to carry on getting notifications, even if it is not connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

The software upgrade is being sent out OTA, aside from the aforementioned addition of WiFi communication we aren’t treated to much. We’re sure there are many under-the-hood changes that users won’t really notice, but whatever they are the company didn’t feel it necessary to list them. 

If you have yet to see the update, be patient. Interested users can check for the latest OTA update notification on their LG G Watch R via Settings > Software Update.


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The-LG-G-Watch-R-receives-Wi-Fi-capabilities-via-an-update The-LG-G-Watch-R-receives-Wi-Fi-capabilities-via-an-update-2

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