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After seeing so many people get hung up on complicated guides to manually update the LG G Watch R to 5.0.1, I thought I’d write the simple guide during my next bout of insomnia. So, no sleep tonight for me means a new guide for you. It’s very simple, with only four steps: 1) download the OTA update, 2) flash the 5.0.1 recovery, 3) prepare to sideload, and 4) sideload.

Here’s how to sideload the update without ROOT.

  1. Enter Bootloader (swipe top left-bottom right as soon as the LG logo pops up on boot)
  2. Unlock bootloader (fastboot oem unlock) and boot the watch normally once
  3. Turn off and re-enter bootloader
  4. Flash 5.0.1 Stock Recovery (fastboot flash recovery filename.img)
  5. Enter recovery and ADB sideload the update (tap the android, select install update from ADB and enter adb sideload filename.zip)
  6. Done!


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Yung on 25 November, 2015 at 12:47 am #

Oh snap, slidespeech has cseahrd. A report has been sent. I will send you the logcat. Disregarding apps that obviously don’t work because Nexus Q doesn’t have e.g. GPS, gyroscope, or some other hardware most (~90%) of the remaining apps seem to work. I’m not sure yet what common aspects the remaining 10% have.

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