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AT&T has just started selling the LG G Watch R, the latest and greatest circular Android Wear powered smartwatch – officially announced earlier this week. You need to order online, as the LG G Watch R isn’t yet to be found in AT&T stores (and those of its partners). If for some reason you simply must purchase your LG G Watch R from your local store, you need to wait until June this Friday, November 7th in order to be able to do so.

The LG G Watch R costs $299 without any agreement. It’s an AT&T branded smartwatch that runs the latest Android Wear OS, and features: a 1.65 inch screen, 4GB of internal memory and more.

It’s not clear when the LG G Watch R will land in the US via other carriers. But we guess it will soon happen sometime in this month. We’ll let you know.

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