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The Knock Code feature is now available now on the LG G Pro 2 and many other current LG phones, such as the G Flex, G2 and G3. As the name implies, you’ll no longer be limited to only unlocking your phone — now you’ll be able knock (OK, tap, really) as a security function.

To set up the Knock Code feature on your LG G Pro 2, you need to go to:

Settings > Display > Home & Lock > Lock Screen. In the lock screen settings, you will find the option “Select screen lock” tapping and then choose "Knock Code." Passwords can range from two to eight taps. According to LG, there are more than 80,000 different possible combination you can use.

After setting up your Knock Code you will be asked to create a backup PIN, which can be used if you ever forget your tapping sequence. The PIN code at least four digits, but fewer than 17 — before you can use Knock Code.

To unlock the phone using Knock Code:

While the screen is off, tap the same sequence you established anywhere on the screen. The Home screen will be accessed directly.

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