LG G Pro 2 Hidden Service Menu

I was curious if there was hidden service menu for LG G Pro 2 and, found the code for the LG Optimus G Pro E980, and I just replaced the 980 with 838 or 350 and it worked, code for hidden service menu is 5457#*838# or 5457#*350#.

The LG G Pro 2 hidden menu a service menu for settings and testing purpose for the factory, changing network mode and more. Dial 5457#*838# or 5457#*350#, menu should pop up when you hit the last # – you do not need to press Call/Send.

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  1. can not access the code from my device, mine is type d838 un root, should be rooted first or not, please advice.

  2. Hi i own an LG G pro2 model F350L and unable to activate 4g. I tries hidden menu from youtube but o lte option in mine how to activate it?

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