LG Fathom VS750 update V05

LG have just released a new software update for their LG Fathom VS750 Windows Mobile Phone. This is a complete install, all data of the LG Fathom VS750 will be lost after applying the update. Please don not forget to backup your phone info/data if you make sure to update your LG Fathom VS750 from V04 to V05.

How to Update the LG Fathom VS750?

From what I have been told, there are 2 software (LGMobileUpdate and B2CAppSetup choose one) for you to update the phone.

  1. LGMobileUpdate.exe: Download
  2. B2CAppSetup.exe: Download

To use the LGMobileUpdate.exe for Upgrade Step:

1. Installed the LG Mobile Update.exe which installed a bazillion LG USB drivers

2. Ran the LG Mobile Support Tool and chose to update but it said the phone was already at the latest version. Closed it out.

3. Ran LG Mobile Support Tool again and chose to update. It saw the phone and the Update button was now reddish. Chose to Update. It tried to install even more drivers– notably:

  • LGE CDMA Composite USB Device (Ready to Use)
  • LGE CDMA USB Modem (Failed)
  • LGE CDMA USB Serial Port (COM10) (Ready to Use)

4. Finally the update proceeded. Good Luck!

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6 thoughts on “LG Fathom VS750 update V05”

  1. I found out why you said “Good Luck”! Wow what a horrible update process. When you follow LG’s instructions there is a point at which you’ve installed the new USB drivers but the phone isn’t being recognized and you have to unplug the phone from the USB and plug it back it or you won’t get the new USB drives BUT the phone is saying
    Do not unplug!
    Scary moment. I can’t believe anyone from LG actually did this process in a lab and said this is great, ship it?!

  2. Oh and your blog is great… it’s the only source of real info on the LG Fathom that I’ve found! Thanks!

    The actual update took ~14 minutes and it worked!! W00t!

  3. hey i recently bought dis phone from amazon,.,.,saying dat it ws unlocked, i m using dis phone wid a local gsm sim.,n its working fine…..if i update my phone , will it get locked??????

  4. I got this phone yesturday this gets hungup when i charge it. then i have to remove the battery and then press the on button to make it work what is the proble could some one help me in this issue.

  5. i am having a problem launching newly downloaded apps on my lg VS750. can anyone help me pls.

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