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LG Fathom VS750 Tips & Tricks: How to customize the Home Screen and change from default? LG-Fathom info

  • Change Home Screen
  • Press Windows > Settings > Home > flick left or right to be on the Items Screen > select the box next to which items you’d like to appear on the Home Screen.

LG Fathom VS750 Tips & Tricks: How to make the phone run faster/more efficient?

Solution:  The Fathom has a dedicated Task Manager key located on the right side of the phone near the camera key. LG Phone Problem and Solution

  • Press the Task Manager button
  • Highlight the program you wish to end/close.
  • Press End Task at the bottom of screen.
  • Or to close all programs at once.
  • Press Menu > End All Tasks

LG Fathom VS750 Tips & Tricks: How to switch from Feature phone to Windows device and want to transfer your contacts from old to new?

Solution: If you are using Backup Assistant, here is how to transfer your contacts using the info from Backup Assistant:

  1. Go to Verizon Wireless and log into My Verizon.  If you do not already have a My Verizon login and password select the “register” link.
  2. On the My Verizon landing page select either My Contacts” from the account actions the right side of the page, or the “Contacts” button at the top of the page.
  3. Export the .csv file:
  4. Select the contacts that you want to export. If you want to export the entire list use "Select All".
  5. Select the "Export Contacts" function.
  6. Select the option to export contacts in "CV (Outlook)" format.
  7. Save the exported .csv file to your computer.
  8. Launch Microsoft Outlook (or your preferred mail application) and select “Import” from the “File” menu.  Additional mail application instructions: Outlook Express, Mac, Entourage.
  9. Follow the system prompts to import your contacts.  To import a .csv file select “Import from another program or file" and then on the following screen.
  10. (For corporate / enterprise users):  Contacts will automatically sync to your Windows Mobile Device via ActiveSync Exchange Server. If you experience issues while syncing please contact your system administrator.
  11. (For personal users): Personal users are able to sync contacts to their Windows Mobile Device via ActiveSync on Windows XP, and with Windows Mobile Device Center on Windows Vista.

·  Plug your device into your computer by using a USB cable or cradle.

·  The Synchronization Setup Wizard appears on your computer.

·  On your computer, click Next.

·  Clear the Synchronize directly with a server check box, and then click Next. (This option will appear only if you use a Microsoft Exchange Server-based Outlook account.)

·  Select the check box next to each information type you want to synchronize, and then click Next.

  • Depending on the version of ActiveSync, you may be asked whether you want to enable wireless connections. Select or clear the check box and then click Next.

·  Click Finish. ActiveSync synchronizes the selected information types.

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