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Hello, this tutorial works for most WM phones, such as LG eXpo / IQ and Incite. LG-eXpo info

LG eXpo / IQ Tips – Allowing MMS without Data Transfer

  1. Start > Settings > Connections (tab) > Connections > Advanced (tab) > Select Networks
  2. Click New on the top set of buttons (Internet connection).
  3. In General, just name it what you want (ie: no connect). In Modem, click New, add made up stuff and numbers… just go through the steps with info that will not work.
  4. When done, go back to the Advanced tab you were on earlier, Select Networks and make sure that your new connection is selected, not Media Net.
  5. Test it all by opening Internet Explorer. If it fails to connect, it worked.
  6. To get Media Net back: Start > Settings > Connections (tab) > Connections > Advanced (tab) > Select Networks and select Media Net.

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MMS will still work when you kill Media Net from being the connection to the Internet. This just keeps programs like games and gps from accessing the internet without you knowing.

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