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Today I download and install the free MyWallet Pro Applications on my LG eXpo, after several tests, it works perfectly without any problem. I think you won’t want to miss it, so I share it here. Hope it helps! LG Cell Phone Software

MyWallet Pro for Windows Mobile is a powerful and easy to use assistant for secure and convenient data managing. Keep your mind free from countless numbers and letters. MyWallet Pro will get you organized and let you quickly find your important information including user names, passwords, credit cards, calling cards, bank accounts, PINs, and more when you need it most.Main Features:256-bit AES FIPS encryption – government-level protection Over 30 specialized card templates Easy-to-master user interface Nested categories Password hint Create multiple wallets Live URL, email, phone numbers fields Compatible with the Windows Mobile 5, 6, WM 2003 Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2003. LG-eXpo info

To download the free LG eXpo MyWallet Pro Application

LG eXpo MyWallet Pro Application Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



How to install the application to your LG eXpo

  • Download the software to your PC
  • Connect your phone and PC (using the connection synchronisation program)
  • Double-click the file
  • Enter the DRM Code

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