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Today I download and install the Free Mobile Profiler Software on my LG eXpo, after several round, it works great without any problem. Now I share it here with everyone if you want it. Hope it is useful for you! LG Cell Phone Software

LG eXpo Mobile Profiler Software Description:

Mobile Profiler is a tool for creating and restoring system states in XML based snapshots.It is specialized to save and restore network settings like proxy servers and connection entries.It can be used in combination with phoneAlarm – you can assign snapshots to phoneAlarm profiles, whenever you switch a phone profile, Mobile Profiler restores the assigned snapshot.  LG-eXpo info

To download the LG eXpo Mobile Profiler Software

LG eXpo Mobile Profiler Software Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



How to install the software to your LG eXpo

  • Download the software to your PC
  • Connect your phone and PC (using the connection synchronisation program)
  • Double-click the file
  • Enter the DRM Code

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