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How to calibrate LG eXpo / IQ’s screen?

Start > Settings > System >Screen > Align Screen

When you calibrate your screen, make sure to use the same amount of pressure you would normally use. The LG eXpo/IQ not only aligns the screen, but also calibrates the touch sensitivity. A light touch will cause the LG eXpo/IQ to be more responsive.

Here is a good tip I found on LG forum that makes your screen more responsive.

First you will need a paperclip. Stretch the end out so that you have something like a stylus (Note: you can use the stylus to do this but you get better sensitivity by using a paperclip). Now go to start menu>settings>system>screen. Now click on align screen and lightly touch the center of each cross-hair with the end of the paperclip. The lighter the touch the more sensitive the screen will be. LG-eXpo info

Note: If you use a paperclip and don’t have a screen protector be careful not to scratch the screen.

Here is a cab that will help to increase the screen sensitivity. If you use it in conjunction with the previous attempts your screen should be much better than out of the box.

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