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There seems to be some confusion on how to do a hard reset on the LG eXpo, and the manual is less than clear on the subject.  I have found that the following works every time to hard resetLG Phone Problem and Solution

To hard reset your LG eXpo do one of the following: LG-eXpo info

1) If you can get to the start menu:

  • Go to Start->Settings->System->Clear Storage, select Delete Internal Memory. 
  • When it warns that all settings will be deleted, say yes, and your device will be reset.

2) If you have gotten your LG eXpo into a state that you cannot get to the start memory:

  • Turn your device OFF, by holding the on/off button for about 5 sec.
  • Push and hold in this order, Volume Down->Multitask->End Call->Power ON
  • Continue to hold all four buttons down until the indicator light cycles Red/Green/Blue several times, and then goes to the LG welcome screen.

You will know you are successful when your LG eXpo starts with the Windows "Tap your screen to set up your windows device".

It goes without saying that when you hard reset you lose all your data and have to reinstall everything.

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PhoneHopes on 20 September, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

Will LG or Verizon Ally to Android 2.2? Do you have a new source that can soothing Ally users? I’m just curious that they do not plant to update Ally…Thanks.

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