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I have had my LG eXpo for about 5 months, I really love my LG eXpo, its a wonderful device! While searching the LG site in the US, they offers an software update to V10G. I think it the newest update for the LG eXpo, for my model its just V10D. I can not wait any more to install the update. Following is the tutorial. LG Cell Phone Software

LG GW820 eXpo Software Update Instruction: LG-eXpo info

Simple instructions for downloading the fix via ActiveSync from your PC to your phone.

Note: All user data will be erased. User data should be backed up prior to completing software update.

  1. Download GW820AT-01-V10g-310-410-APR-16-2010+0.exe
  2. Select Run
  3. Extracting Files
  4. Click "Start Update"
  5. Confirm personal data has been backed up
  6. Select OK. If USB driver has not been installed, a message will appear. Click "Install USB Driver". Once the USB Driver has been installed, this message will not show again.
  7. Analyzing PC Environment
  8. Download Update Program
  9. Update Software
  10. Software update Complete. "Click Exit"
  11. New software version is now installed.

What have been changed?

Post by Dark. Initially this rom seems to be pretty good. Looks like they fixed the GPS Driver issue. The fingerprint sensor seems to be working better too. Overall it seems to be running pretty smooth. I don’t remember if Idles let you do this before, but I noticed that it allows you to choose any ringtone as your ringtone. I also noticed that they restored some of the sounds and notifications settings on the windows mobile side, but not all so the sounds and notifications cab will still be necessary for those using this stock rom.. There is even a way to access it through Idles now. The Idles UI isn’t really any better though than the original stock. overall I have to say this rom is an improvement over the original stock, but there is still room to improve.

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Joel Picado on 14 April, 2011 at 3:36 pm #

genial, me funciono al 100 el tutorial, gracias.

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