LG eXpo Framework 3.5 Download

Like the LG Incite or any other windows mobile phones, the LG eXpo equipped with framework 2.0. However, this is an older version, and the latest version is 3.5 or even the beta 3.7. Well you can download .Net 3.5 and install it to your LG eXpo from Microsoft. LG Cell Phone Software

To download the .Net 3.5 for your LG eXpo

How to install it? LG-eXpo info

  1. Hook up your LG eXpo to your computer via USB cable or bluetooth.
  2. Run the file you’ve downloaded on your computer.
  3. After the installation completed, go to your LG eXpo to set .Net 3.5 as the default because 2.0 is still set as the default.
  4. Now it’s done.

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