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I just found a good dialer skin for my LG eXpo, Expo/IQ Tweaker. It is now available in two flavors to boot. The article is originally posted by Woodhole on LG eXpo forum. So I pasted it to my blog, hope it would help some people. LG-eXpo info

Updates! – Auto Rotation Fixed

In this release the following registry edits can be enabled and disabled (toggle mode):

– Call recording feature
– Editing of MediaNet settings
– Replace redundant alarm feature to comm. manager on today screen
– Increase screen sensitivity
– Set .Net 3.7 as default
– Set .Net 3.5 as default
– Enable threaded SMS/MMS (IQ)
– Auto rotation (all)

Also Oneshot or one time registry edits (disable redundant features not available on the device/enable disabled features)

– Disable infrared scanner
– Disable smartcard
– Disable software disable
– Enable missing sound notification options

More to be added as we find them.

Instructions are simple:
When the application enters the main form it reads the current registry settings on your device showing you the registries already changed (as some of us manually changed ours when we first found out about these reg. edits).
From there you have a choice, check off a reg. edit and its description changes color to yellow to enable the feature on and red to disable the feature. Those in the ‘Oneshot’ section can only be enabled but not disabled. Pressing the "Change Reg." button (lower right) will give you two choices.

1 > Reset – clears your selections.

2 > Do it! – Applies the selected changes to the registry to take effect.

The description for those reg. edits (you can do more than one at a time) will then turn green indicating they have successfully been changed.

Hitting the menu button (lower left) will allow you to exit the application.
If any changes were made when using the application it will ask you if you want to perform and soft reset. Clicking ‘Yes’ will soft reset your device as most of these registry edits do require a reboot. Choosing ‘No’ will not soft reset your device and your changes may not take effect until you manually soft reset your device. That’s it!

I need to thank Dark for his input into this project and my beta testers.
Dark, WarRaven, my own phone… not sure it will ever be the same (refused to do a hard reset throughout this project) and last but not least the guy how’s phone I borrowed cause it had no registry edits YET… Dude, guess you want your phone back huh?

Please keep those newly found registry tricks coming and I’ll keep updating the application when I’ve got time.

Please note: This application was written specifically for the LG Expo (USA) and IQ (CAN). I don’t recommend installing it on any other device as this affects registry settings tailored for these LG devices. I highly recommend you do a full system backup prior to changing any settings in the registry just in case something goes wrong.

To download LG eXpo dialer skin – Expo/IQ Tweaker

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pat on 26 April, 2010 at 3:30 pm #

Hi, just curious, why would one want the dialer skin if they have spb suite, or plus? thanks..

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