LG Eve / Etna GW620 Roms Download

Want to download the LG Eve/Etna GW620 firmware? Below is the Orange and Bouygues roms from LG website: LG Android Phones

To download the Orange rom for your LG Eve/Etna GW620

To download the Bouygues rom for your LG Eve/Etna GW620

Caution: Flashing your LG Eve/Etna GW620 at you own risk. I do not responsible for any damage. Always backup your phone before flashing or changing any setting. Hope it helps you, good luck. LG Cell Phone Software

LG Eve/Etna GW620 Android Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



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  1. Hola mi consulta es yo tengo un LG w620g y para meterme a cosas me pide una cuenta gmail pero el problema es que yo pongo mi cuenta gmail y no funciona que puedo hacer ?

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