LG Esteem Tips – Test Mode Fix

Simply enabling the test mode will produce an error? Try the method below. This will fully correct the issue.

LG Esteem Test Mode Fix:

–Plug your LG Esteem into your USB connection.

–Go to START then CONTROL PANEL then DEVICE MANAGER. Scroll down to "Ports(Com and LPT)" Expand it and your LG Esteem SHOULD be listed with a "COM7", "COM3" etc….

–Get YOUR "COM" number and remember it. This is what USB port you are plugged into. (If you don’t see your LG Esteem, the drivers are NOT installed correctly.)

–Open and extract the Test Mode Fix Zip on your desktop

–Open up the folder "Test Mode Fix" You should be looking at this.

–Open the drop down menu and find YOUR "COM" port.

–Click on CONNECT after you select YOUR "COM" and it SHOULD look like this.


–It takes 2-3 seconds and your phone will reboot if it is successful.

Your done, your LG Esteem is out of test mode and connections restored.

-Test mode is bitch, plain and simple. For whatever reason this has started happening a lot lately and for no reason. Unfortunately I was one of the OG’s of the test mode crisis and luckily following these steps got me back to normal working condition.

-Thanks to the creator of TEST MODE FIX over at XDA. Thanks to the people that I was hysterically on the phone with that fateful night of my test mode. You know who you are.

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