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Well. To enter into LG Esteem hidden menu is not so difficult but I though I’d share for those that have not worked it out yet. The LG Device Test "HiddenMenu" is apparently on all shipping phones and it’s simply disabled via removing the menu entry. To activate you need to create a shortcut to this hidden menu. You can do this with most replacement launchers and apps like LauncherPro. LG Android Phones

How to enter into LG Esteem hidden menu Steps:

  1. Open your LG Esteem
  2. Long press on home screen
  3. Select Shortcuts
  4. Select Activities
  5. Scroll down to and expand com.lge.hiddenmenu
  6. Select HiddenMenu (first entry)
  7. Enter Shortcut name
  8. Click on shortcut to launch

Then, you can see the list of menu items is: LG-Esteem info

  1. Device test
  2. ELT test
  3. repeat count setting
  4. Automatic mode
  5. ELT manual test
  6. F/C
  7. F/C
  8. Bluetooth FCC
  9. Metro’s proxy (i deleted the proxy no probs yet)
  10. white screen
  11. MMS profile-set url-port-agent-profile
  12. touch screen test
  13. color test
  14. restarts the phone
  15. Auto detect simcard-sd card-earphone check
  16. vibrator test1
  17. vibrator test2
  18. F/C
  19. F/C

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