LG enV3 Tips – Edit wap Settings Menu

This tutorial on how to Edit the WAP settings via Menu is original used on LG Voyager, but now it’s great works on LG enV3 as well. Hope it helps! LG-enV3 info

LG enV3 Tips – Editing wap Settings Menu:

What you need? BitPim does this. The very last thing in the /browser/setting/fileDB is "srvMenuAccessable" (not sure why they spell accessible wrong) and then the value, which is a 0. Just change that 0 to a 1 and you are able to then edit the WAP Settings via the Service Menu. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Use BitPim to copy the /browser/setting/fileDB back to the PC.. Use a hex editor and change that 0 to a 1… use Bitpim to overwrite the /browser/setting/fileDB with your edited one. After restarting your phone, access the Service Menu and go -> Wap Setting… and adjust the values as needed…

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