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The latest software for LG enV3 is VX92KV03, you can download it using LG Software Updater without any surprise. LG Cell Phone Software

Notice: Never forget to backup your phone using the PC Suite or Bitpim, remove the MicroSD card before upgrading. The update will take you about 10 minutes without any surprise, in the meantime, do not plug out the USB cable. LG-enV3 info

You have to install LG Mobile Software Updater Application before download manual, software or lastest firmware for your LG env3. Please check up whether your PC can support the following requirement.

  • 1GHz or higher Pentium-compatible processor
  • At least 256 MB of RAM (memory)
  • Windows 2000 (SP4 or later) or Windows XP (SP1 or SP2), Windows Vista
  • Administration rights on the PC for software installation
  • High-speed Internet connection

Download the LG enV3 Software Updater

Preparation Requirements

  • Fully charge the battery.
  • It is recommended that you save any important data onto the PC using the PC Sync. Feature.
  • Close PC Sync/applications before proceeding with the update.
  • Calling and messaging functions are not available during the update process.
  • Remove the SD card.
  • Do not disconnect the USB cable until the update is complete. Disconnecting the USB cable or interrupting the update process before it is complete may cause your handset to fail to operate.
  • The handset is automatically reset during this process.
  • The update takes approx. 10-30 minutes depending on the model and downloading environments

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Melissa on 15 February, 2011 at 9:53 pm #

Used and abused mine for bout 14 months, and although i had to replace with the battery fix about 3 months after the purchase of my phone, i havent had any problems since except that when any software update is released the entire phone goes crazy to tell you to update the software

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