LG enV3 Firmware V05 is out!

I just noticed from LG Community that there is a new firmware update available for the LG EnV3, V05. LG Cell Phone Software

From the Verizon forums someone posted the Firmware V05 fixes:

Symptoms Resolved  LG-enV3 info
* Phone powers off when trying to hit "more down" on a web page in mobile web.
* Phone power cycles when accessing www.mkitgo.com in the browser.
* When trying to navigate through website on Craigslist.com phone will reboot.
* Fixed a random reset when a user repeatedly launches/closes the browser while a data session is active.
* If user attempts to remove VZ Navigator app that appears to be preloaded on device, device power cycles.
* With Rhapsody running on a PC and connected to the USB to charge. When it launches the sync app, and the user hits end to stop the sync to just charge. After several seconds the Browse & Download menu or Mobile IM menu opens up.
* Device may power cycle while in idle mode while opening and closing the flip.
* Customers having issues with receiving text messages. They are coming through as blank texts.
* Customer was using the contact threaded text messaging system, was at first working fine but after a time started being unable to reply without going through the menu system (cannot just start typing reply while highlighting current message).
* Device powering off after or during receiving a (MMS) Pix message on the device.
* The LG 9200 is sending a null character (a zero-zero) at the end of the message field when sending a specific SMS to SC 454545. The body is "BAL ALL".
* If you receive a text, while already writing a text message and hit "view later" on the text you just received, once you finish the text you were already typing and hit send, the message you hit "view later" on shows as read.
* Phone randomly powers off, can be in the middle of a phone call, or trying to dial a phone number, receiving a text message. There is no set pattern.
* When a customer takes a picture and saves it to the memory card it gives an error of save failed or creates a ghost photo. Customer can save to phone and then memory card with no trouble.
* When a customer places call restrictions on his phone, so that no one but the contacts in his phone book can reach him, the phone will not ring. The phone rings when the restrictions are not placed on the account.
* Customer syncs Bluetooth to Ford Edge. After leaving the car and coming back, he has to delete the connection and re-add it in order to sync.
* Open the flip and press keypad during a voice call à audio transfer to phone à Close the flip and try to put audio back to the Bluetooth headset by using audio to device option on the phone. The phone fails to transfer audio.
* When previewing Fun Animations, the display will freeze or become choppy 7-10 seconds into the animation. This also occurs when setting the Fun Animation as internal wallpaper.
* When using the camera with the flash on and the shutter sound set to "Say Cheese" or Ready 123" the flash will light up and go off before the shutter sound plays. This causes pictures to be dark because the flash has went off before the picture is taken.
* With a 2GB or 4GB memory card inserted, and trying to take a picture, then send, it says ‘FAILED’. Then the picture you tried to send, stays in the background and the new picture you’re trying to take, overlaps the old frozen one in the background.
It also seems that texting using the external display has been fixed when using Abc mode (i.e. "the" is spelled 84433… before this update it took a second press on the second letter, 844433)

Unfortinately there are still problems with the LG enV3:

1. Phone still randomly shuts off.
2. Replying to an MMS pic message using quick reply (i.e. typing from the threaded message screen) will compose a message to the wrong contact.
3. Phone still randomly enters voice dial mode when locked. I was able to find a way to make this repeatable:
– Unlock front screen
– Press "end"
– Open and close flip quickly, then immediately hold "clr" for 2 seconds. The phone will enter voice dial mode while locked.

To download the LG enV3 Software Updater

LG enV3 Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



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9 thoughts on “LG enV3 Firmware V05 is out!”

  1. to get voice dial activated you dont even have to open and close it quickly. on my v05 i just push clr once and it activates even with a double click to unlock required.

  2. My main problem with this phone is it’s basically IMPPOSSIBLE to download your photos OFF the phone. I have been through 2 different phones and memory cards, and it just hassles and hangs constantly, giving me all kinds of stupid error code messages if I try to transfer photos to the card. It’s ridiculous.


  4. the phone will not let me press any buttons when i flip it open…the screen keeps turning white…the volume buttons on the outside take it to my camera… it randomly turns off…will not charge and delets texts before i can read them

  5. Numeric pad shuts off while in call making me re-open numbers pad. isthere a way to keep it open longer.

  6. How do you download text messages to your PC with sending them via email? Is there a way to do using a USB cable?

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