LG enV2 problem – locking feature

My friend has just got the LG env2 phone, She loves everything about it except the locking/unlocking feature!!! LG Phone Problem and solution

How to get the LG env2 phone to lock quicker?  She dont’ want to put it in her purse without it being locked, taken it out, and it’s either dialed some weird thing, or on some strange menu choice because the buttons were being pushed. LG-enV2 info

And her LG env2 phone autodials someone in her address book, the last number sge dialed, a random string — anything. Sometimes the “OK” button gets pressed accidentally and it dials random numbers constantly.  As a result, the LG env2 phone’s battery wears down WAY TOO FAST. 

Looking for a new LG env2 software update can cures this problem.

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3 thoughts on “LG enV2 problem – locking feature”

  1. Is there anyway to get the enV2 software update without taking it into a VZW store?

    Like a download off the ‘net applied with a firmware/software flash?

  2. I solved this prob by having a 2-button unlock instead of one. From outside menu (doens’t work inside) go to keyguard settings, unlock options and then select 2-key unlock. This has totally eliminated my pocket dialing problems.

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