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Q: On the LG enV2 is there a way to set the homepage for the mobile web browser to something other than verizon’s page?  LG-enV2 info

A: Sure, edit the 30 1E 00 to 30 1E 20 in the beginning of the paramtable1.fil, just like with every other LG phone. Then you can edit the homepage from the WAP Settings menu in the Service Menu.  LG Phone Problem and solution

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LG enV2

















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  1. Is there a way for the LG enV2 to play mp3 files without subscribing to VCAST and using the microSD with a USB adapter?

  2. You don’t need VCAST, but you still need a MicroSD card — which is like, ten bucks at Wal-Mart.

    MP3’s all go in one folder in my_music on the card, no folders (it works off the IDv3 tags, so they all sit in the same root folder), and the filename can’t exceed 27 characters.

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