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We’ve just got the news from howardforums that the LG enV Touch VX11KV10 Firmware is out, but only available via corporate stores and not all have this update yet. LG Cell Phone Software

The LG enV Touch VX11KV10 Firmware is mainly aimed at a completely new browser, can not recall the name of it but my LG rep demonstrated it to me. Up to 4 different tabs running at the same time and I was quite impressed with how fast and smooth he was able to pull pages up. LG-Chocolate Touch info

Features gesture zooming some what similar to palm, double tap your finger and on the second tap drag it down the left side and then across to the right to zoom in. do this in the mirror opposite manner to zoom out (right side down to the left).

He informed me that there is too much data for an OTA to happen including no support via LG’s software application.

Expected to be in many retailers inventory by end of month early next month at the latest, my store currently has only v08 at the moment.

Thanks for the information provided by ckamc.

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