LG enV Touch V10 Software Update!

It’s confirmed! The new version VX11KV10 software update is now available to download from your LG enV Touch. I must say that the OTA update was amazing, I just Updated it over the air from the software update options in settings, worked fine from my phone that was v09 previously. Some one who use the V08 and don’t see the V10 update, so I suggest you should update to V09 first and then do the OTA update to V10 software from your LG enV Touch.  LG Cell Phone Software

So what’s the difference with the V10? So far we don’t notice much but the browser seems a tad faster and fix the issue of being able to delete History on the browser. Look forward to finding other improvements LG-enV touch info

How to use the Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) upgrade on your LG enV Touch? Try the following tutorial:

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