LG enV Touch tips – Send Music via Mac

Here is the easy tutorial on how to send music to your Verizon LG enV Touch without having to download anything! All you need is a mac that has Bluetooth ability.
1.) Set your Verizon LG enV Touch in discovery mode located in the to right hand corner when on the touch screen (phone closed) turn it on. LG Phone Problem and Solution
2.) go to your mac and setup a Bluetooth connection it should be pretty easy to setup just follow the instructions. LG-enV touch info
3.) once your mac and phone are paired go to your desktop and click on the bluetooth icon on the address bar and go down to the name of the device VX11000 and then go to send file.
4.) from here you can pick any of your itunes songs and send it to your phone.
5.) once it’s done sending just go to "Media Center" –> "Music & Tones" –> "My Sounds" –> click on the song and set it as your new ringtone.

** NOTE ** you can also send wallpapers a good website was posted on another thread linked here (http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper_beta/downloads/date/any/)
my only problem is that you really need to edit the song so that it’s about a 30 sec clip or else the intro may cause you to miss the call, so if you have some good audio editing software for a mac post here and let me know

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  1. You can add songs to my music by accessing “browse devise” from your bluetooth menu and the folder “my music” (along with others for pictures etc.) will pop up. Just drag the mpegs you want to that folder and it will start downloading.

  2. GarageBand will let you chop the song into a manageable section. But to convert the .aiff to an .mp3 you would have to burn it to an audio CD then import it back to itunes. The easiest way to do it is at mobil17.com create a free account, choose your song and even choose where in the song the ring tone starts from.


  3. I use GarageBand for my ring-tones and it works amazingly well for both length, volume, and sound level manipulation. To make a good Ring-tone find a song(mp3 or whatever) you like, open GarageBand and create a new song. Title the song the same as the original file but add “ring tone” to distinguish it. Drag the mp3 file from your desktop and drop it into Garageband in an empty track location. Modify the track however you please (the edit->split command is great and [command] [z] is your friend). Once satisfied, find the “Share” tab on the top of the screen and select “Export Song to Disc…”. From there simply find the new mp3 and blu-tooth the song to your phone.

    If you are having trouble with song formats I would suggest “Switch Audio Converter 1.52 for Mac” Its freeware so no piracy necessary.

    As in all things google is your friend if you are not sure how to use any of these tools!

  4. Audacity is great for me. It’s simple and you can drag out the length of the song so you can easily cut out what you don’t want.

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