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This tip I just copied and pasted from LG enV Touch forum, Hope this is helpful, enjoy!

I was messing around today on my phone in the service menu and found something. It is a camera like thing that allows you to change:
Frame Rate (FPS)
Output Format
Color Setting
And a few other this. Here’s how to get to it:
2.) Six zero’s
3.) Media center settings-LG
4.) Get It Now
5.) Browse and Download
6.) Qcamcorder

Very interesting.

I will post a better, more in depth tut on how to get there and the different things I find out when I get home. CommentAuthorcommandofern CommentTime1 hour ago edit
Ok. Updated tut.
2.) Enter 6 zero’s (000000)
3.) Option 8: Media Center Settings-LG
4.) Option 1: Get It Now-LG
5.) Scroll Right 5 (Five) Times to "Browse & Download"
6.) Scroll Right 6 (Six) Times to "QCamcorder"
-This the initial "camera" Part.
-To change some of the settings:
7.) Press the Right Key 8 (Eight) Times

I can confirm the settings for Frame Rate, Quality, length, and output format to work.

Any comments. CommentAuthorDoral330 CommentTime1 hour ago
what will this change about the camera? have you noticed anything different. CommentAuthorcommandofern CommentTime30 minutes ago edit
Ok. Changing the following settings:
Frame rate to 30 FPS
Target frame rate to 30 FPS
Bitrate 1280000 bytes
Video Quality the top one like wvga
And like two other things that I forget.

These settings make the video nearly Flawless. It eliminates the "ghost" figures from low refresh rates. It does obviously limit how much you can record. The settings are kind of cut off and turned to the side but it is usable. There is one page that shows how much room you have left. eg. i have like 8496 seconds left that I can record. I do not know if this changes picture quality. I just thought it was realy cool. CommentAuthorDoral330 CommentTime25 minutes ago
dude your right i love the camera now. thanks CommentAuthorcommandofern CommentTime10 minutes ago edit
I love it how I get so board and just dive feet first into these menus and poking around and I find stuff like this. At first, I thought you had to go through these menus for it, but in fact, it transfers over to the real camera.

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Derek G on 13 April, 2010 at 7:17 am #

much better video quality, thanks! I recorded a car driving by, it looked great.
am I blind? i couldnt find the bitrate option.

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