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Does anyone want to use your LG enV Touch cell phone as a modem for your computer? Does it possible? LG Phone Problem and Solution

Here is the instructions for tethering your LG enV Touch to your pc or laptop. It has been tested on my Windows XP and works fine, hope it helps you.  LG-enV touch info

Using your LG enV Touch as a modem steps:

  1. Open your enV touch and dial ##program11000 (##776472611000) and hit send.
  2. When prompted for a service code just type six zeros. (000000)
  3. Once in the menu, choose 4, then 1, then 8, then 4. This should be the MIP DUN NAI menu.
  4. You will see 5555555555@dun.vzw3g.com (5555555555 being your phone number). Simply delete the dun. so that all you are left with is 5555555555@vzw3g.com Save this and return to the home screen.
  5. Connect your phone to your computer via USB. Allow the computer to install all necessary drivers. Once ready to use, go to Start/Network/Network and Sharing Center. Once there, click "set up a connection or network".
  6. Click "set up a dial-up connection". If it gives you the option of choosing which port, hit LGE USB. When prompted for the ISP info enter this:
    Dial-up number: #777
    User name: 5555555555@vzw3g.com
    Password: vzw
    Choose remember this password and rename your connection if you wish.
    Click connect.
  7. Allow it to verify information and all other processes until it shows that you are connected to the internet. Save the connection if you wish.

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