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I just updated my LG enV Touch to the new software VX11KV05 using the LGMobile Updater. For those having an issue all I can stress is that you need to be patient as it does hang for a few minutes at 7%. Here is how it went with my update using the LG Updater…. LG Cell Phone Software

  1. I first went here and did option #1 on my enV Touch.
  2. Then I d/l the LG Updater and installed it and it did a driver update (follow the prompts exactly as it tells you).
  3. Once complete with the driver update the updater did it’s d/l of the latest firmware (approx 95mb).
  4. During the actual update it did stall for a few minutes at 7% then again at 99% and then the phone rebooted.
  5. Took about 3 more minutes to go to 100% and then prompted me to exit the updater.

Went into settings -> Phone Info -> SQ / HW Version and confirmed it’s at VX11KV05.

That’s what I’ve found so far some things fixed for sure!

  • T9 – it works way better. It actually fills the proper word in as you type rather than let you get all the way to the end before you realize you messed up a letter. It also will stop accepting characters once it doesn’t know what you’re typing. Very nice. I believe that is the "Word Correction and Word Prediction" option actually working. I don’t know yet if it saves the new words.
  • Pictures – Something has changed in the picture viewer. It is faster when scrolling through the thumbnails and isn’t as jumpy. It seems like it is creating the thumbnails every time you go into the viewer though, as they re-draw every time you open it. You can see the little white icon popping up on pictures as you scroll through, even if you don’t have any new ones.
  • Browser – Specifically with Orb, the browser doesn’t crash as much (not totally fixed though). I was able to browse to my account and play live TV without crashing. This did not work previously. Cookie handling seems improved. Logging in to GMail seems to stick now, even after a reboot.
  • The "AutoView Txt" messages now can be turned on with the Caller-ID + announce still working. It will auto view AND do the audible alert.
  • The Calibration is pretty nice, letting you verify where you are touching vs where you are trying to touch.

To download LG enV Touch software updater

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