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I just noticed on Verizon forum that  a new version of Mobile E-Mail has been released. It seems to take advantage of the high-res screen more and now includes Gmail support! I have updated my LG enV Touch to the new version and performs much better than the old version.  LG Cell Phone Software

I don’t remember the old version allowing you to download email attachments. With this one you can download pictures and view them on your LG enV Touch, offline. You can also attach files from the microSD card. Pretty nice. LG-enV touch info

1.  Go To Media Center
2.  Select Browse & Download
3.  Highlight Mobile E-Mail and select options and then "Upgrade Check"

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Ahmed Abdul Majeed on 18 May, 2010 at 1:35 am #

Dear Sirs.
good day
can you please send the e-mail for LG mobile company in Korea a.s.a.p.
with my best regards

Terri Rucker on 14 January, 2015 at 7:57 pm #

I have used LG ENV Touch for years. I have at least 4. I just put my last one in service and I cant get email. It seems in March 14 they dropped the Mobile email -latest version 7.53. There is no email except corporate, VE mail and Remo mail in the media center downloads. I can try to make shortcuts to each email but is there anything else or a way to get 7.53? Verizon is no help. I have talked to 2 phone reps and the store. They just say there is nothing and buy a smart phone. I will go back to the old phone before I do that. Thanks for any imput you have.

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