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Good news for LG enV Touch users that the latest Firmware V09 is available now, you can update via LG update tool. However, you’ll have to update to v08 first, then you can update to v09 normally. Search this forum on how to update to v08 by flashing it using the lgnpst and v08 dll and bin. Then update to v09 with the update tool, below is the download link:  LG-enV touch info

Last night I updated my LG enV Touch from V08 to V09 without any problem. Just thought I’d share my success, and am willing to try to help other with any problems they’re experiencing trying to update to V09. As for the new features of V09, so far I haven’t found any, but I’ll keep looking. LG Cell Phone Software

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John on 20 September, 2010 at 5:48 pm #

The phone updater says the V08 on my Touch is the latest availble and won’t update any further. How do I get V09?

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