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Today I got my LG enV Touch updated to V08 at the verizon store. I have to say I’m quite liking the new browser, it is definitely much quicker then the old one. Everything used to take forever to load on the old browser and would often get frustrating. It is also nice that i don’t have to manually zoom in just too see the login screen on twitter and facebook.

Below is the regular instruction on how to upgrade the LG enV Touch from V07 to V08 that I pasted from envtouch forum, Hope it helps you!

download lgnpst 1.2 (if you haven’t already: LGNPST v1.2 Store w/ Generic Models & Components)
then on envtouch site look for a forum called ‘vk11V08k.bin’ or somethin (should be on 2nd page)… See More
dl the file in the first post
make sure u hav lgmodem driver installed
once uve installed lgnpst
go to computer-lg electronics-lgnpst
create a folder in there called ‘model’
then inside model make a folder ‘LGVX-11000’
then once uve dled that rapidshare file
extract it
and drag the .dll file into the lgvx-11000 folder u just created
and then drag the whole ‘VRZ’ folder into the lgvx-11000 folder
then open up lgnpst and make sure it detects ur fone
set ur fone in airplane mode and then on computer once lgnpst has detected ur fone
go to start – cmd.exe (right click on it and select run as admin)
then type in regsvr32 "C:\LG Electronics\LGNPST\model\LGVX-11000\VX11K.dll"
u shud get a success box
then in lgnpst
go file-> Select Dll
the dll shud now appear on the list
and then select it
hit the upgrade option and browse folder icon in the bin area and select the bin file from the vrz folder
then once u hav that press start upgrading
shud take lik 5-10 min
once ur done with that
go here:
go to the 4th post
dl the file from the megaupload link
then open up bitpim (if u dont have it just google it and install)
then detect ur fone with it
open up the filesystem
go to brew/mod
delete the two folders there called polaris7 and obigo
then right click on mod
and select restore
then browse to the u dled from that megaupload link and w8 for it to finish
then once uve done that ur done!
enjoy the new browser!
(yea i kno iz prty tedious)
but hella worth it.

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Laura on 17 March, 2010 at 7:04 pm #

I need it to be clarified when you get to the point where you go to start and type in cmd.exe you say to then type in regsvr32… but where do you type that in. Its very hard to understand how to do this lol.

Nic on 7 April, 2010 at 1:03 pm #

did it cost money when you went to the verizon store for the update?

yo mommas sweet tits on 29 June, 2011 at 10:13 am #

poleris 7 is ok b ut i cant delete the browsing history. every time i delete it it comes back the next time i use it

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