LG enV Touch connection issues

If you have issues connecting to cdma workshop, or lgnpst, or bitpim or any other program, I am so glad to tell you that you come to the right site. I found the easiest way for you to do this. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Copy pasted from mobile-files.com.

Choose Data –> Port Map –> Diag –> Make sure it’s "USB" (mine was at "NULL" or none), Exit out of this service menu

2. Go to Settings –> Phone Settings –> Security –> Reset Defaults
Phone will ask you to confirm the reset, choose yes, and it
will reset the phone to factory defaults.
Now, the phone will be detected normally, and you can continue like usual.

PS. I’m not sure if both steps are required, but that is what fixed this problem for me. I didn’t plug it back into the computer until I had done both, so I don’t know which step fixed it. It may be #2 fixes #1 (puts diag back to USB, which is the default, instead of NULL). Or maybe #2 resets other stuff too, I dunno, but I was happy it worked! Hopefully it works for other people as well.  LG-enV touch info

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4 thoughts on “LG enV Touch connection issues”

  1. thank you thank you thank you!

    bitpim 1.0.6 for linux works after following these steps. I had to tell it my phone was an env 2, though. I’ve read that bitpim 1.0.7 has real support for env touch.

  2. I had an env touch flashed to cricket, when I try to connect to the web it just brings up a black screen?? It was working fine yesterday? Can anyone help me?

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