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(I have successfuly used this method to make and load custom ringtones for our LG enV). LG Phone Problem and solution

To get ringtones on your LG enV you just need to:

1. Have some MP3s available.
2. Get a USB cable and install the correct driver for your cable/phone.
3. Download and install the newest version of Bitpim (http://www.bitpim.org).
4. Connect your LG enV via USB and open Bitpim. Bitpim should recognize it and if it doesn’t you need to manually set it (“Edit Settings” button).
5. You can now download everything from your LG enV like call logs, pictures, phonebook, etc. It is not a bad idea to backup everything listed above if you have not done it already. You can also upload to your LG enV. To upload ringers you first have to create them and to do this you need to:

A. Select “Ringers” from the tree on the lefthand side.
B. Click “Add Ringer” from the toolbar (musical note with a green plus sign)
C. Select wherever on your PC you have MP3s you want to use and double-click one to bring it up.
D. Click “Convert” (and we use the default settings of MP3 / 22050 / 1 / 32 with no problems) and let it do its thing for about 15 seconds while it converts.
E. Now select where in the song you want the ringer to start (this is the cool part – being able to use the chorus / favorite guitar solo / etc for your ringtone). You can move the little tic marker (while it is stopped) on the play bar and find exactly where you want it to start while noting what the count is listed beside “Current Position.” That would be the figure you would enter in the “Clip Start” box.
F. Select the duration you want the clip to be and enter that in “Clip Duration” (25 seconds in our experience is more than enough of a clip as the call will go to voicemail within about 22 seconds – at least on our phones – YMMV).
G. You may want to bump the clip up a decibel or so if the song is sort of soft/quiet (“2” has worked well for us on most clips). You would enter that in the “Volume Adjustment.”
H. Now click the “Set” button just below the previous three options and Bitpim will move the hash markers to only encompass your clip. Now hit “Play Clip” and wait a few seconds. You will hear exactly where your clip will start and stop along with how loud it is. It is important to remember you can play with the three settings to change where it starts / duration (which controls where it stops too) / volume before going any farther (even hundredths of a second adjustments can be made to leave out an extra note / include a note / etc).
I. Once you like your clip the way it is click “OK” down bottom and let bitpim process it for a few seconds again then VOILA – the clip appears in the right side column of your Bitpim window and is ready to be uploaded. The ringtone can also be saved to a file you choose for future use (on your specific type phone).
J. Now select “Send Phone Data” (button up top with green arrow pointing toward the phone), select “Ringtone” and “Add” in the options – NOT “Replace All” – then “OK” and you’re off. The ringtone should now download to your LG enV (takes about 6-10 seconds for the 25-second clips we made).
If you get some type of port error or inablity of Bitpim to communicate with your LG enV you want to check the following:
1. USB cable connected well to phone, PC, and on the proper port.
2. Bitpim “Settings” correct for your phone – with the 9900 for instance, you should see “LG VX-9900 on COM?” at the bottom on the right hand side.
3. Even with the above two correct, if I had been editing for an hour and a half for a bunch of ringtones I sometimes got an error message about communicating with the port (COM?). I found that I just needed to reboot Bitpim (turning it off and on) and possibly even reboot my PC and reopen Bitpim. BUT BEFORE REBOOTING – Please select the ringtones you made that are in the right hand window and save each of them to an easy-to-find place on your PC (as mentioned in “I” above). You can use these in step “C” and when you click them NOW they are all ready to go back into Bitpim with no editing or anything.
4. You may need to cycle your phone off and on to get the ringers to show up.
I know it sounds like a lot when reading it but once you walk through it a few times (or even once or twice) you will be making customized ringers so fast you won’t know what to do with yourself. Happy ringtone-making!! Holler if you hit a snag – Tracy

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Mr g on 16 June, 2009 at 7:46 am #

env touch is not being recognized by bitbim. the newest version of bitpim does not have env touch in the list.

JP on 18 July, 2009 at 1:13 pm #

BitPim works for my enV3, but I have to set it as an enV2. When detecting the phone, it comes up as a CDMA phone. Just reset it and it’ll see the phone. Don’t know if it works for envTouch, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

Mr Y on 10 October, 2009 at 10:53 pm #

It always says it can’t find the Env Touch phone

Mike on 26 October, 2009 at 11:48 pm #

Any ideas as to how I can make this work for the enV Touch?

mike on 27 January, 2010 at 10:57 pm #

Couldn’t get it to work with usb cable on enV3, wouldn’t detect the phone on any port. Got it to work with a bluetooth connection. Works great!

Michael on 7 October, 2010 at 10:24 pm #

Ok so for the env touch you may need this driver first http://www.vzam.net/download/download.aspx?productid=615

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