Rooting a phone grants you the ability to modify system files, install forbidden applications, change icons and, in a few words, do anything you want. LG Phone Problem and Solution

To root the Verizon LG Enlighten, there are three methods of it. (z4root, Gingerbreak and SuperOneClick). LG Android Phones

Please backup your data before rooting your Verizon LG Enlighten because they all will be erased. Now let’s go. LG Cell Phone Software

1. Rooting Verizon LG Enlighten by using z4root app (in my opinion, this is the easiest to use, but sometimes it doesn’t work)

  1. Open your LG Enlighten
  2. Go to Android Market
  3. Download and install z4root by RyanZA (not the Chinese one)
  4. Run it and root your LG Enlighten.

2. Rooting Verizon LG Enlighten by using Gingerbreak app (Thanks and make a donation to the author)

  1. Download the Gingerbreak app here
  2. Make sure USB debugging is enabled
  3. Make sure you have an SD card (formatted and) inserted
  4. Get the GingerBreak APK on the phone somehow, and install it
  5. Open the GingerBreak APK, press the root button
  6. Wait a few minutes. If there are no problems, the device will reboot (note that the reboot itself can take like 10 minutes due to cache wipe)
  7. Make sure the Superuser app is install and working

3. Rooting Verizon LG Enlighten by using SuperOneClick app

  1. Read everything first and after do what is necessary:
    • What Is ADB and How To Install It With Android SDK, please go to here.
    • Don’t forget to restart your PC after installations.
  2. If you have tried the two methods above to root on your phone, please do a factory reset before trying this one
  3. Download and install SuperOneClick. You can download the tool from here.
  4. In adb:
    • adb devices
    • adb shell
    • echo 1 > /data/local/lge_adb.conf

After that open SuperOneClick and root using pneuter. Reboot phone and update Superuser from Market.

Leave your thanks if this was useful for you. Good luck.

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GeekTBee on 9 March, 2012 at 8:14 pm #

Unfortunately, none of these methods worked for my phone. I have a Verizon edition, with Gingerbread 2.3.4. Supposedly the exploit that’s exposed here with these processes has been patched for Verizon’s version.

Thomas Deiter on 26 April, 2013 at 2:29 pm #

ive checked and checked for the z4root on my phone and it doesn’t exist. tried looking to make sure my phone was up to date and still nothing. what am I doing wrong

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