LG E720 Android 2.2 Smartphone

We’ve recently been bringing you information on an upcoming LG Android phone. The phone, the LG E720, will be LG’s first Android device runs Android 2.2, and now we may have some pictures of it in the wild. LG Cell Phone Previews

Little is known about the LG E720, but what we do know is that it will supposedly sport a 3.2 inch capacitive display, 600 MHz application processor– likely to be Qualcomm’s MSM7227 CPU, a simple slate form factor, and a 5MP camera with no flash, LG’s S-Class interface and more. LG Cell Phone News

And that’s about all we have at the moment. No pricing information, no when or where you’ll be able to get the LG E720 Android 2.2 Smartphone. Stay tuned… LG Android Phones

LG E720 Android 2.2 Smartphone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



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3 thoughts on “LG E720 Android 2.2 Smartphone”

  1. I really like it. Maybe the capacitive touchscreen is not everybodys favourite. It only works with the finger but NOT by using some kind of pointing-device.
    Be carefull with 2.2.1 upgrade!
    The 2.2 is easy to root.
    After upgrade to 2.2.1 it locked me out and none of the known exploits work 🙁

    I am desperately looking for downgrade it.

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