LG E Series Phone Flash File / Firmware

Hello. I has put together a list of some the flash files/firmware of the LG E Series Phone. Although these phones are somewhat out of fashion, but it just works for those who really need it. Good luck.

LGE Series Phone Flash File / Firmware Download:

LGE Series Phone Includes

LG Marimba

  • E300 LGE300AT-00-V10d-724-XX-FEB-28-2012

LG Optimus L3

  • E400 LGE400AT-00-V10i-EUR-XXX-JUN-01-2012
  • E400F LGE400fAT-01-V10b-505-01-APR-26-2012
  • E400G LGE400gAT-00-V10a-714-03-APR-25-2012
  • E400GO LGE400GOAT-04-V10d-262-07-JUN-08-2012
  • E405 LGE405AT-00-V10b-MEA-XXX-JUN-15-2012
  • E405F LGE405fAT-00-V10d-724-XXX-JUN-15-2012

LG Univa & Optimus Hub

  • E500 LGE500AT-01-V10a-334-020-JAN-14-2011
  • E510 LGE510AT-00-V10d-EUR-XX-APR-16-2012
  • E510F LGE510fAT-00-V10c-724-XXX-MAR-21-2012
  • E510G LGE510gAT-00-V10a-722-34-NOV-25-2011

LG Optimus L5

  • E610 LGE610AT-00-V10b-EUR-XXX-MAY-23-2012
  • E610GO LGE610GOAT-04-V10a-262-07-JUL-05-2012
  • E610V LGE610vAT-00-V10c-262-02-JUN-20-2012
  • E612 LGE612AT-00-V10a-AME-XXX-JUL-05-2012
  • E612F LGE612fAT-00-V10a-724-XXX-JUL-04-2012
  • E612G LGE612gAT-00-V10a-AMX-XXX-JUN-20-2012
  • E615F LGE615fAT-00-V10c-724-XXX-JUL-16-2012
  • E617G LGE617GAT-01-V10a-302-610-JUN-06-2012

LG Optimus Chic

  • E720 LGE720AT-00-V10a-EUR-XX-OCT-18-2010
  • E720B LGE720bAT-01-V10c-302-610-NOV-15-2010

LG Optimus Sol

  • E730 LGE730AT-00-V10a-EUR-XX-SEP-14-2011
  • E730F LGE730fAT-00-V10c-MIRS-IL-APR-25-2012

LG myTouch

  • E739 LGE739AT-01-V10r-310-260-MAR-13-2012

LG Optimus 7

  • E900 LG-E900AT-00-V11h-NEU-XXX-DEC-27-2011
  • E900H LGE900hAT-02-V10i-302-220-AUG-08-2011

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