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When we might get visual voice mail on the LG dare? The LG voyager has it already.

Verizon Wireless is constantly looking to enhance or improve the quality of its network, devices, and staff. LG Cell phone Software

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Everything takes time. The LG Dare was released in July, which in the wireless industry, is not that long ago. It was the ONLY wireless phone that had absolutely no applications to download on the day of release. It was pushed out sooner than it should have been because customers wanted that “fancy” phone…right away. LG-Dare info

Visual Voice mail is in the future for the LG Dare. I cannot say when, but I would assume in one of the future updates, it will be available. The reason the Voyager already has it is because of the demand for the Voyager’s apps compared to the LG Dare’s. More people own a Voyager than a LG Dare. Our priority is more focused on the Voyager at this time.

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